Positive Psychology

At the Center for Conscious Counseling, our approach to intervention includes the integration of positive psychology.  The field of counseling has long focused on repairing or healing damaged aspects of the human character in accordance with the disease model of human functioning. The Positive Psychology model encourages a focus on enhancing strengths and building a bridge toward success.

Our drive to achieve success in the various domains of our lives, in fact our desire to live the free and fulfilling lives we dream of require connecting with the strengths of character and the development of the personal means needed to reach our desired goals.

Psychological intervention for the sake of solving problems isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, yet a psychology focused so largely upon weakness and trying to repair the worst things in life is inadequate to meet the demands placed on individuals in a complex modern life.

While not loosing sight of the challenges and problems that so frequently bring individuals into counseling, we recognize the incredible value in focusing on individual strengths while working together with our clients to build a vision for a sustainable experience of personal fulfillment.

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