We spend a portion of each day in one of a variety of trance states that can occur as easily as hearing a song while driving that transports us back to a time when that song was the background to an important time in our lives, to encountering a smell that takes us to a favorite memory from our childhood, to being so lost in concentrating on a problem at work that we don’t hear someone calling our name.

The point is, trance states occur in our lives with greater frequency than we may think. The symbols and imagery from your subconscious mind contain powerful tools and information that can aid you in gaining insight into the underlying causes of problems in your life that are so frequently associated with challenges like stress and problematic relationship patterns.

Through the utilization of hypnotherapy you can learn to address the kinds of deep-seated patterns of belief and behavior that keep you stuck in non-productive cycles in your life.

The Heart Centered Hypnotherapy approach encourages giving healing attention to the full range of human experience – mind, body, and spirit.

Learn to encounter and release in a healthy and safe way the unhealthy patterns in your life that no longer serve and support you. Learn to develop a broader and more inclusive perspective making gains in your ability to grow and enhance your creative ability. Learn to live the full and free life you desire.